Effective Ways To Pass Hair Drug Test

In a pre-employment drug test session, your hair samples can be taken for testing drug contamination in your body. If you are on THC/marijuana or other types of drugs, then beware of such tests and take proper actions to smartly skip the procedure by rapid detoxification. In case you are a drug addict and take it regularly, then the drug metabolites find their way on your blood vessels and eventually end up spreading in all over your body including head. The hair follicle filters and absorbs the metabolites. It is possible to outsmart the test by using two methods. Either you create a mask on your hair by using vinegar or you can use any detox shampoo products for faster and flawless results.

You need certain preparations at home in order to pass marijuana hair drug test. You need white vinegar, 1 scoop laundry detergent powder, 1 cap of liquid detergent, 1 box of hair color solution, 1 bottle of Salicylic acid with a concentration of 2%. Before starting this preparation to pass out hair test for drugs, you should know that, these are all experimental methods. It may have worked for someone and not necessarily it will work for you. The best option is avoid doing drugs much earlier from your interview and drug testing period. Hair testing can detect drug consumption of up to 100 days.

There are a couple of ways to pass hair drug test each one has its own limitation. If you are thinking about smart tricks, then you should know that the modern drug testing lab can detect any trick you apply for masking your hair. However, you can try applying the vinegar process if it is feasible or you. Saturate your hair with white vinegar for about 10 minutes by slow application. Now, wait for 15-20 minutes to let it properly soaked up. Now you need to apply salicylic acid on your hair without rinsing. Now, leave both the solution for half an hour together.

Now, you need to apply liquid detergent over the vinegar and acid and work slowly around the hair for complete saturation. You need to carefully apply the solution especially on the back of your head as the samples will be collected from there. Now, apply the powder detergent all over your head and give a good scrub. Wait for almost half an hour and rinse off. Do not use any shampoo or conditioner while rinsing. Finally, dye your hair with any hair color kit available in the market. You should remember that this process will help you when the doctor will take hair samples from your head. If he collects from anywhere else, you are still exposed to the risk of detection.

There is a wonderful way to take control of drug test on hair. This method involves no risk, harm to your health or any other unnecessary effort. You can use the three day detox program for hair for quick survival and complete detoxification for hair. This is revolutionary way of passing out drug test despite of taking drugs on regular basis. However, you should not get encouraged to use more drugs as all this advanced solutions are available now. You should try to quit drugs and use detoxification method on emergency basis.


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